EDI Analyzer Utility is a small and portable software (standalone without istallation package) capable to analyze and graphically display an .EDI log file (generally used to send a log file to the manager after VHF and UP contest). It's use is very simple: copy text from EDI file (for example with Notepad) and past it in the texbox of EDI Analyzer Utility.


The result will be this:


EDI Analyzer will provide you some additional informations unusual in other software... for example the analysis of the first and second day of the contest


Also graphical analysis is very interesting with the ability to view the various dx by different options:



Locator: Show entire Grid locator (ex. JN81gd)
Square: Show only Major Grid locator (ex JN81)
Km: Show the distance in KM of the dx station
Bearing: Show the bearing (in angle degrees) of the dx station
Area: very interesting graphics option for view covered area in the activity


the "scale" option is useful to adapt the screen output analysis at the long distance dx.

'73 from IZ7UMS op. Enzo

DOWNLOAD ver 1.0

-----------> NEW VERSION 1.1 <--------------

With v1.1 is possible also show more statistics from edi file...


Now is possible view all SQUARE locator Worked, all Country Worked and an analisys hour by hour of the number of stations worked.

DOWNLOAD ver 1.1